Safety, Health and Environmental Management

Safety, Health and Environmental Management

A fundamental course for those involved in managing people and the activities of safety, health and environment (SHE). Emphasis is on implementing a practical and systematic approach to managing these critical areas. Learn how to prevent incidents and reduce risks of potential harm to PEOPLE, PROPERTY, PROCESSES and the ENVIRONMENT.

Gain the knowledge, tools, skills and resources that will enable leaders to immediately begin to implement an effective SHE program, or improve your existing one. This course is typically presented in 3-5 days depending on the topics selected and the degree of customization.

Invest in the professional development of all leaders by giving them the necessary knowledge, tools, skills and resources that will enable them to immediately begin to implement more effective SHE programs and activities.  

Participants will be better prepared as leaders in the prevention of accidents and the reduction of risks to people, property, processes and the environment.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone responsible for managing SHE issues
  • All supervisors and those newly assigned to management positions
  • Small business managers who want an effective safety program
  • SHE professionals ready to update/improve existing programs
  • SHE committee members and labor leadership
  • Production and Maintenance managers to understand their SHE roles.


  • Improvement of personal management skills
  • Understanding the basics for a systematic approach to SHE management that can also be applied to the management of other activities.
  • Knowledge, skills and resources to set up specific SHE program activities or critical elements
  • Knowledge of the basic principles of SHE management
  • A clear idea of the multiple causes and consequences of incidents
  • Knowledge of commonly used practices that have been proven successful around the world
  • Ideas and resources to begin immediately working toward the prevention of accidents, overall improvements, the reduction of rework and more efficient processes

Course Content

  • Causes and Consequences of Accidents/Incidents
  • Basic Principles of SHE/Risk Management
  • Workplace Rules and PPE Requirements
  • Inspections for Accident Prevention and Cost Control
  • Accident / Incident Investigations
  • Job and Operation Analysis and Procedures
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Managing Compliance Programs
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
  • Introduction to Environmental Management
  • Measurement Techniques in SHE Management
  • Program Implementation Techniques / Action Planning


Participants receive a course manual and a copy of the book, Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Management - A Practitioner’s Guide. These materials are an invaluable resource for practical solutions when implementing what has been learned in the course.

Available as described or customized to meet your specific requirements. Call 770-466-5113 for more information.