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Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Management - A Practitioner's Guide 

Second Edition

By Germain, Arnold, Rowan and Roane

Originally published in 1997 the book provides practical and proven tools to help improve S-H-E-Q management systems. Written for the business challenges of the late 90s and to prepare a bridge into the 21st century the book shows how the disciplines and activities of safety, health, environment and quality management are related through common elements, yet have not always supported each other. The authors share lessons learned "on-the-job" by people working day-in and day-out developing solutions to bureaucracy and the problems of competing resources. 

Special features of the book include:

  • An integrated approach to S-H-E-Q management
  • Guidance for fitting ISO 14000 into your existing S-H-E-Q systems
  • Emphasis on practical Risk Management techniques
  • Ergonomics and its place in an Industrial Hygiene system
  • Measurement techniques in S-H-E-Q management
  • Introductions to Environmental Management, and Industrial Hygiene Management
  • How to manage a compliance program
  • Implementation techniques for S-H-E-Q management

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Management -A Practitioner's Guide has been used as the core text in IRCA training programs.

Price: $79.00 plus shipping & handling

ISBN Number 0965651682

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