Safety, Health, Environment and Quality - Guide to Managing

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality - Guide to Managing Risk

By George L. Germain, David J. Bird and Carel J. Labuschagne

Practical and proven concepts to improve SHEQ managment systems.

A valuable addition to any Safety, Health, Environment and Quality reference library

First published in 2012, this 564 page book presents a new dimension to traditional safety, health, environment and quality management and serves as a fundamental guide for anyone with SHEQ responsibilities or interest irrespective of their role in an organization. 

This book presents a systematic and practical approach to managing risk through the control of safety, health, environmental and quality (SHEQ) incidents. The authors share lessons learned from over 100 combined years of experience with a variety of industries worldwide.

Written for students, practitioners and leaders at all levels the book provides a valuable resource as you plan, develop, implement and improve your SHEQ programs. Whether you manage SHEQ as an integrated system or as separate disciplines/management systems. As a practical reference the book presents the concepts, techniques, sample forms and actual case studies to help you achieve success. Used as the core text for IRCA standard courses, the book can be included with on-site training programs.

The foundation for the book is another IRCA publication, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality - A Practitioner’s Guide, which was originally published in 1997. The initial intent was to complete a significant revision with updates, but as the authors and contributors worked together it was determined that a broader spectrum of topics should be included along with a new strategy for the management of risks. The final result was a completely revised publication.

A current trend in SHEQ management is the integration of these disciplines into the overall framework of an organization’s  management system. It is not intended that the safety, health, environment and quality be merged into a single discipline, as this would not be practical or advisable since each discipline requires specific expertise including some aspects that may require licensed or certified  professionals. The synergies result through finding common elements or activities that follow similar guidelines, practices or requirements. These can be managed in a systematic manner that is effective and becomes an integral part of the overall management system.

Throughout the book the term “SHEQ practitioner is used. However, the book is not limited to SHEQ practitioners but should be seen as an invaluable guide for executives, managers, leaders, those involved in human resources, loss control management, risk management, engineering and students in associated fields.


  1. Understanding Your Business
  2. Introduction to Safety Management
  3. Introduction to Occupational Health Hazard Identification
  4. Introduction to Environmental Management
  5. Introduction to Quality Management
  6. The Causes and Consequences of Incidents
  7. SHEQ/Risk Management
  8. Risk Assessment and Operational Analysis
  9. Economics of SHEQ Management
  10. Establishing an Integrated Management System
  11. Implementation Techniques for Management Systems
  12. Measurement Techniques for Management Systems
  13. Corrective and Preventive Actions
  14. Effective Communication Skills
  15. Training Tactics and Techniques
  16. Behavior Risk Management
  17. Business Continuity Management
  18. Management Reporting and Management Reviews
  19. Change Management
  20. Incident Investigations
  21. Workplace Rules and Personal Protective Equipment
  22. Task Analysis and Task Observations
  23. Inspections for Incident Prevention and Cost Control
  24. Emergency Preparedness

The authors believe that SHEQ should be integrated into all aspects of business to achieve world class performance. 

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