Controlling the Property Damage Accident 


Controlling the Property Damage Accident 

Designed to provide participants with skills necessary for effective physical conditions inspections and to identify corrective actions to eliminate or reduce the effect of root or underlying causes. Typically held over 2-3 days.

Course Objectives

Provide a heightened awareness and understanding of the significance  of property damage in managing risks, and the impact of safety, and health management and assessments.

Course Content

  • Basic SHE/Risk Management
  • Why Property Damage
  • Damage: A Problem of Perception
  • Identification and Reporting
  • Investigating the Property Damage Accident
  • Consequences, Causes and Control of Property Damage
  • A Project Approach to Damage Control
  • Sell & Motivate
  • Measurement
  • Practical Methods of Application
  • Inspecting Physical Conditions
  • The Consequential Accident
  • Implementation Techniques for Property Damage Control

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