Principles of Risk Management


Principles of Risk Management

A key to prevention                                                                             

This course is typically presented in 2-4 days depending on the background of participants and the risk levels of the organization. 

Recognition, evaluation and control of risk are a vital part of any organization's success!

The course is not exclusively for those with Risk Management in their job descriptions, it was designed for anyone who deals with risk decisions, including supervisors, risk assessment teams, safety committee members, managers, and executives. How an organization deals with risk directly affects safety and directly affects profitability as well. Effective risk management can make real difference in organizational success.

Areas Covered

  • Understanding incident causation
  • Basic risk management concepts
  • Tools for risk assessment
  • Application of measurement techniques
  • Implementation of effective risk controls.

It is impossible to remove all risk from any organization, but it is essential that all organizations effectively manage the risks they face.

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