Consulting Services

IRCA can provide support for the implementation or improvement of SHE programs and management systems. IRCA is flexible enough to provide on-going support and involvement to the degree that best fits your requirements, desires and budgets. IRCA consultants are often requested to assist with some of the common steps of program implementation which include: 

  • Developing long range plans
  • Senior management presentations to introduce new program initiatives 
  • Gaining acceptance
  • Communicating commitment
  • Orientations for leadership
  • Training leadership
  • Conducting baseline assessments
  • Developing short and mid-term action plans
  • Developing reference materials
  • In-depth training for experts
  • Monitoring progress
  • Perception surveys
  • Conducting periodic assessments
  • On-going training
  • Reviews of audit results and assistance in planning for continuous improvement
  • Hazard/risk assessment facilitation

The following are brief descriptions of a few specific consulting services available from IRCA.

Baseline Risk Assessment

IRCA professionals can assist in identifying and evaluating major risks within an organization. The process includes a facilitated workshop for the company’s most knowledgeable people to identify the major business risks and then evaluate those risks to create a RISK PROFILE of the company.  Issue Based Risk Assessments can also be conducted to provide detailed information to prioritize and allocate resources in order to minimize risk exposures.

Hazard Identification and Analysis

Using internationally recognized tools and techniques, IRCA professionals can provide the following:

  • Physical Conditions Inspections to identify hazards
  • RCat™ - Root Cause Analysis to identify underlying causes of incidents
  • OSHA compliance inspections
  • Behavior studies to identify at risk behavior
  • System Assessment to identify the needs of the management system
  • Perception Surveys to measure the culture and effectiveness of specific initiatives.

Short Term Control – Immediate Results

The most successful SHE/Risk programs are based on a systematic approach to management control for long-term results. However, in reality, many companies are often faced with an urgent need for immediate results related to the control of a specific type of loss or expense and although long-term programs are recommended, it is possible to focus on specific issues that require immediate results within a very short-term period.  IRCA has responded to this need by developing an approach to correct/improve specific problems right away.

Program Implementation

IRCA professionals can advise on methods of implementation that work and assist in the implementation of systems or processes when outside support/advise is preferred. Some of the areas of implementation that IRCA can assist in are:

  • Program development
  • Action planning
  • Accident/Incident reporting and tracking
  • Physical Conditions inspections and analysis
  • Order and housekeeping
  • Critical task inventories
  • Critical parts identification
  • Property damage programs
  • Trouble shooting
  • Problem solving.

Incident Investigation Assistance

When companies face the investigation of a major or significant loss accident, or a potential major loss incident, it may be in the best interest of the company to use an experienced observer or investigator as an objective outside participant. IRCA consultants are available to assist and can normally be on-site as needed with just a few days notice. The IRCA consultant can participate in the investigation process by conducting the investigation as the lead investigator or by assisting with any part of the investigation as a member of the investigation team.

IRCA also provides:

  • Investigation review and analysis services
  • RCat™ - Root Cause Analysis Techniques™ Training
  • Research and development of corporate SHE manuals and educational materials for internal training