Effective Accident/Incident Investigations

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 Effective Accident/Incident Investigations

Designed for safety people and other managers at all levels who have investigation responsibilities for significant accidents, when the seriousness requires involvement beyond the first line supervisory level. The course focuses on proven techniques in the investigation of accidents involving loss to people, property, the environment and processes and to the investigation of near-miss incidents with potential for major or serious loss. Typically presented in 3 days the course or workshop can be modified to 1 - 4 days depending on the topics selected, time allowed for involvement with customized exercises and case studies.

Course Objectives

The course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to conduct effective investigations of accidents and incidents in a thorough and professional manner.  In addition, a unique feature of this course is it provides participants with tools and skills to evaluate the causal factors that led to the accident or incident which is crucial for developing effective corrective actions to prevent repeat accidents and incidents.

Course Contents

  • Causes of Incidents
  • Pre-incident Preparation and Incident Response
  • Where-Position Evidence
  • Who-People Evidence (Interviewing)
  • What-Parts—the Physical Evidence
  • Written—The Paper (Documents) Evidence
  • Reconstruction and Reenactment
  • Workplace Design Considerations and Human Factors
  • Incident Cause Analysis
  • Incident Reports and the Remedial Action Plan
  • RCat™ - Root Cause Analysis Techniques

Benefits You Will Gain

  • Knowledge, skills and methodology for investigating accidents/incidents.
  • Understanding how analysis of accident/incident information can lead to the Root causes
  • Skills to conduct a more effective investigations
  • Knowledge, skills and methodology for the Root Cause Analysis Technique (RCat™).

Special Features

Participants receive a course manual, which includes sample forms, procedures and valuable resource information.  In addition, participants receive the RCat™ Chart and Worksheets.

This course is easily customized to include your company forms, procedures, and case studies. It provides the basis for a dynamic 1 – 3 day workshop for your supervisors.

RCat™  Root Cause Analysis Technique, a 1 - 2 day workshop for more in-depth training focusing on Root Cause Analysis is also available. 

Click here for RCat™ Leader's Guide details

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