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Loss Control Management Consulting

Ready to Advise - Assess - Assist

 IRCA, a world leading resource for the development, implementation and improvement of management systems to reduce business risk associated with safety, health and environmental management programs and systems. 

IRCA delivers value and solutions  to support all phases of SHE program implementation. 

IRCA is flexible enough to provide the on-going support and level of involvement that best fits your SHE management requirements, desires and budgets.

IRCA staff is available to advise, assist and assess with: 

  • Program development
  • Audits and assessments
  • Consulting
  • Leadership and employee training
  • Customized training materials
  • SHE/Risk Management manual development
  • Research and development of customized SHE manuals and educational materials
  • Targeted program assessments
  • Accident/incident investigations
  • Improving profits through risk control

​​So....whchoose IRCA?

  • Experienced professional staff
  • Practical management system tools, resources and solutions
  • SHE/Risk TRAINING to meet your needs
  • An integrated approach to managing safety, health and environment
  • Behavior-based safety program techniques
  • Bi-lingual instructors
  • SHE/Risk assessments of your management systems
  • RCat™ - Root Cause Analysis Technique training and products
  • A holistic approach to managing risks


  • Reliable and responsive customer services
  • On-going support and involvement to the degree you want
  • Solutions for SHE management problems

​GET RESULTS using IRCA services and products!

About Us

  IRCA can provide support for the implementation or improvement of SHE programs and management systems. IRCA is flexible enough to provide on-going support and involvement to the degree that best fits your requirements, desires and budgets.  

 IRCA is well known for providing outstanding training programs that provide participants with the knowledge and motivation to implement effective elements and activities for their SHE/Risk program. Complete courses, workshops or select topics from our list of available courses can be presented at your location or preferred venue.  

 IRCA's Root Cause Analysis Technique has been proven to be successfull to identify the system deficiencies in an organization.  We can provide analysys, training or just the tools you need for your company to identify the underlying and root causes of incidents. 


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